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By Bruno K. N’Dala

Across Continents

The Journey Home

Can you find your way back home, once you have left?  If you do, will you pick others up, and help them find their own way?

The answers are within this fascinating true story of war, hardship, tyranny and how one man has overcome these things with courage, resilience and ingenuity.

In this gripping memoir, author Bruno K. Ndala recounts the numerous events throughout his life , and an inspirational call to exiled Africans to a triumphant return to Africa, to educate and inspire others to their own personal and professional greatness.

Also contained in the memoir are various, and very important, life lessons to pass down from one generation to the next.  Principles such as education, giving back, independence and collective responsibility will resonate with readers, long after the last page is read.

This is a startling account of the life, history and testament of a well-storied philanthropist, socialpreneur and community activist and developer.  Ndala’s story proves, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that it can take at least one person to pick up a community, or even a nation, as one would pick up a single stick.



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Available Aug 16, 2020

Social entrepreneurship for Africa

The Blueprint

Indeed, civil society is the catalyst for social change, and it should be in Africa. By unleashing the efficiencies of business initiatives and proven methods, social entrepreneurship will make the difference and provide sustainable solutions to the multiple issues affecting the continent of Africa. Young African entrepreneurs are encouraged to have the mission to help their people escape the claws of desperation by empowering theme economically. Through social enterprise, hope and opportunity for the most deprived can be created and the social entrepreneur can reap the profit in the process. In this book the author will show you how.


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