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Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo and raised in Canada, Bruno K. N’dala is a serial social entrepreneur, philanthropist, public speaker and expert about rural community development. Bruno has a passionate concern for social issues affecting disadvantaged communities, particularly on the African Continent. His work, studies in international business and immigration law have launched him a career as an advocate for social entrepreneurship and as an immigration consultant. Currently working to develop a strong integrated relationship with the academia and social entrepreneurs that will connect ventures with potential sponsors & investors. If he is not working on a project in the Sub Saharan Africa, writing and doing research, Bruno K. N’dala enjoys the outdoors, travelling and books. Him and his wife share their home in The Canadian Capital Region with their two extraordinary children and a lifetime collection of books and African Arts.

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By Bruno K. N’Dala

Across Continents

The Journey Home

Indeed, civil society is the catalyst for social change, and it should be in Africa. By unleashing the efficiencies of business initiatives and proven methods, social entrepreneurship will make the difference and provide sustainable solutions to the multiple issues affecting the continent of Africa. Young African entrepreneurs are encouraged to have the mission to help their people escape the claws of desperation by empowering theme economically. Through social enterprise, hope and opportunity for the most deprived can be created and the social entrepreneur can reap the profit in the process. In this book the author will show you how.


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