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8 Miraculous Months in the Malayan Jungle

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Malaya’s Path To Independence

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A WWII Pilot’s True Story of Faith, Courage, and Survival

A Grueling Survival Story About a WWII Hero’s Fight for Freedom

On January 11, 1945, Major Donald J. Humphrey had his B-29 Superfortress directed at Singapore Island. After navigating the 1900-mile trip from India through dangerous weather, they had just successfully bombed their target. And that’s when Japanese Zeroes shot off the wing and sent the mighty aircraft death-spiraling into the Malayan jungle.

Jumping to safety, Humphrey and a few of his remaining crewmates found themselves lost in the middle of occupied territory. Enduring vicious crocodiles, deadly snakes, and crippling malaria, the Americans battled just to stay alive. And though they made contact with Malayan resistance fighters, they could never be sure their benefactors weren’t pulling them even deeper into danger…

In this harrowing true account, Major Humphrey’s son shares the extraordinary story of his father’s grueling ordeal. Told in the first person, this highly personal narrative puts you inside the mind of a man fighting for his country while struggling to survive.

8 Miraculous Months in the Malayan Jungle is a gripping memoir about overcoming unexpected peril. If you like World War II heroes, incredible stories of courage, and inspirational reads, then you’ll love Donald “DJ” Humphrey II’s captivating biography of his father.

Order your copy of 8 Miraculous Months in the Malayan Jungle and join his fight for freedom today!

Author, Publisher

Donald J. “DJ” Humphrey II

Donald J. “DJ” Humphrey II is the son of Lt. Col. Donald J. Humphrey, a United States Army Air Force B-29 bomber pilot in World War II.

DJ enjoyed writing in college, which likely helped him graduate as valedictorian of his class with a bachelor’s degree in biblical studies. His education and experiences prepared him for this unique opportunity to write his father’s fascinating true story of survival, faith, and salvation.

Now retired after a 30-year career as a real estate broker, DJ had the time to write his father’s book. He hopes his father is looking down from heaven with a proud and pleased smile, knowing that his son finally wrote the book he had always wanted to be written and published.

Military Writers Society of America


Sue Vander Hook

Editor and author of 40+ books, including Adolf Hitler: German Dictator

“An incredible true account of courage and determination! Not often do we get to “walk in the shoes” of a World War II B-29 bomber pilot—Lt. Col. Donald J. Humphrey—who miraculously survived eight months in the Malayan jungle and evaded his would-be Japanese captors. This book is definitely a must read.”

JJ Toner

Author of the Black Orchestra WW2 spy series

“More thrills per page than fiction!
This is a remarkable story, and it is even more remarkable for being true. It tells the story of Major Donald J. Humphrey of the USAAF and the crew of a B-29 bomber, shot down over Malaya in 1944. In a series of amazing selfless acts, the local Malay and Chinese Communists gave them the help they needed. At grave personal risk, they led the Americans on a tortuous journey through the swamps and jungles, narrowly avoiding capture by the brutal Japanese in occupation. Disease and hunger were enemies every bit as dangerous as the Japanese, while nature – in the form of snakes, elephants, leeches, and mosquitos – did its best to slow them down and undermine their determination to find their way home. The first order of priority was to locate a radio in order to alert the USAAF that they were alive and in need of rescue. Sadly, not everyone who aided these airmen survived the war. There are more thrills per page in this book than in many works of fiction, and of course, the veracity of the tale makes all the difference. Highly recommended.”

Self Publishing Review

8 Miraculous Months in the Malayan Jungle is an inspiring biographical memoir of a downed B-29 Air Force crew in WWII–a riveting story finally brought to light by the pilot’s son more than six decades later. Ultimately, this reads as a powerful personal narrative celebrating patriotism and the fierce tenacity of the human spirit.” 

The International Review of Books

“Could not turn the pages fast enough! 

They’re called the Greatest Generation for a reason! When you read the author’s thrilling account of his father’s remarkable WWII legacy, you have to pause and give thanks. Without the bravery and sacrifice of men like Major Donald J. Humphrey, USAAF, we would be living under tyranny today.

The Major, a pilot, was shot down with his crew by the Japanese in 1945, plunging into the Malayan jungle. They faced harrowing threats to life and health — swamps, crocodiles, famine, malaria, and possible capture at any moment by the brutal enemy.

It took eight horrific months, with the help of Malay locals and Chinese Communists, to trek through torturous terrain before they could be rescued.

God bless the Major’s son, who wrote this inspiring read —and God bless Major Humphrey and all who fought to keep us safe!” 5 of 5 Stars

“I believe in order to understand”

– St. Augustine, the Bishop of Hippo

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8 Months in the Malayan Jungle

8 Months in the Malayan Jungle

On January 11, 1945, my father, Major Donald J. Humphrey, directed his B-29 Superfortress toward Singapore Island. He and his crew did not know then that their training had not prepared them to face dangers that they would soon encounter. As soon as they successfully...

Freedom Isn’t Free

Freedom Isn’t Free

Freedom has been synonymous with America since its founding. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are deeply-held American beliefs. They are the beliefs that have held our country together since its inception. They are the beliefs that will continue to keep our...


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